RSA Approved Driving Instructor


At B Test Wise we offer two Services; Driving Tuition for the learner driver and Pre Driving Test Assessment

Driving Tuition for the learner driver Pre Driving Test Assessment

At B Test Wise we understand that all lessons are stepping stones to a life skill to enable the learner to drive safely, legally and confidently.

B Test Wise have developed a customer focused driving tuition service which includes:-

  1. Driver tuition for the leaner driver under the supervision of an ADI / RSA Approved Driving Instructor
  2. Instructors have a number of years experience as a driver tester with SGS on behalf of the RSA
  3. All driving tuition will be conducted in a professional / positive and friendly manner
  4. Each lesson will be structured to the learner drivers individual needs and driving experience
  5. Lessons can be conducted in the learners own vehicle to ensure continuity and increase driver confidence
  6. Lessons can be given in the B Test Wise Dual Control Car

At B Test Wise the Pre Driving Test Assessment is conducted by an ex driver tester who can offer you an expert assessment.

With the experience of being a driver tester for a number of years it became evident that many learner drivers sitting their driving test were not up to the required standard as they did not seem to understand what was required to pass a driving test.

B Test Wise have developed a 10 point programme which will ensure that candidates they prepare for a driving test have a proper understanding of the elements required to pass a driving test including:-

  1. An understanding of the legal requirements for driver and vehicle
    • Provisional Licence / Licence Permit - must relate to you, is current, is for the category of vehicle.
    • Insurance Disc. Is in date and relates to vehicle
    • Tax Disc is in date and relates to the vehicle
    • NCT Disc – is in date / relates to the vehicle – if applicable
  2. Visual checks by the tester of the road worthiness of the vehicle
    • Indicators, brake lights, tyres, windscreen, windows and bodywork
  3. An understanding by the candidate on how to conduct the vehicle technical checks (under bonnet)
    • Engine Oil, Coolant, Brake Fluid, Steering Fluid, Windscreen Wash
  4. Testing the candidate on the required “secondary controls” – In vehicle checks
    • Wipers
    • Lights
    • Windscreen Washer
    • The Fan
    • The Air Vents
    • Car Window Heater
    • Air conditioner – if fitted
    • Temperature control
    • Car fog lights
    • Air intake control
  5. Compulsory questions on the rules of the road and road signs
  6. Using the Test Report Sheet as per RSA standard – Conduct an on road driving test covering test area
  7. Pre-test result (Would you Pass or Fail on the Pre-Test driving performance)
  8. Fault analysis and feed-back:
    • Feedback on the faults (if any) which occurred during the Pre-Test.
  9. Explanation of the marking guidelines as per test report sheet
    • Advice on other possible errors that may occur during the actual driving test and how the marking system works.
  10. Consultation and agreement on next steps to prepare for taking actual driving test