RSA Approved Driving Instructor

Tips for Passing Test

B Test Wise's 10 Top Tips for passing your Driving Test

Get off to a Good Start

  1. Be in the test centre 10 minutes before your appointed time
  2. Make sure your vehicle is road-worthy, clean and displays in date
    • Insurance disc,
    • Tax Disc
    • NCT disc (if applicable)
    • L plates front and rear.
  3. Have your provisional licence or learner permit with you in the test centre; ensure it is in date, relates to you and that you have held it for a minimum of 6 months.
  4. Know the Rules of the Road, you will be asked compulsory questions, and be able to identify road signs
  5. Practice opening the bonnet and know how to perform the technical checks.
  6. Know where all the secondary controls are in your vehicle and how they work.

On the Road

  1. If possible park your vehicle facing forward - do not start your test by having to reverse out of a parking space
  2. During the driving test concentrate and put into use the lessons you have learned.
  3. Do not let yourself become distracted by looking at the testers marking sheet
  4. If you make a mistake do not assume you have failed your driving test keep concentrating until you have finished the test.

How B Test Wise can prepare you for your driving test

  1. Book a lesson with an expert from B Test Wise who was an ex Driver Tester and understands the requirements necessary to pass a driving test.
  2. Well in advance of your driving test book an expert Pre-Test to determine you are ready to take your Driving Test